These are our customers

The rotor-stator technology of our Trigonal® machines is versatile, and our customers come from a wide range of industries. This is only logical, because Trigonal® machines not only homogenise, disperse and emulsify. They crush (fine and coarse), moisten, defibre, separate, transfer and recycle. They boil under shear stress, solubilise pulp and accelerate reactions. They can also neutralise, polymerise, extract, and deagglomerate, and can be used for many other applications that are too numerous to mention.

All industries and application solutions at a glance

Bitumen and bitumen emulsion

For a long time, the processing of bitumen has had a special significance for our company. Impressive proof is the more than 1,400 Trigonal® machines in operation for the modification of bitumen and the production of traditional and modified bitumen emulsions. Many companies benefit from our expertise, such as road construction firms, manufacturers of roof sheeting and building-protection agents, as well as recyclers of bituminous waste.

Chemical industry

  • Dissolving of various additives in liquids
  • Viscosity reduction of dispersion adhesives
  • Production of hot-melt adhesives
  • Grinding of plastic granules
  • Breaking of crystals in liquids
  • Size reduction of fibrous plastics in a solvent-water suspension

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Emulsification of essential oil-water suspensions
  • Dispersion of calcium carbonate with simultaneous deagglomeration
  • Production of birth-control pill extracts
  • Processing of seaweed

Pastes, drugstore products, ointments

  • Dispersion and emulsification of highly abrasive cream components, lotions, shampoos, fragrances, cleansing pastes, gels, and active ingredients
  • Dispersion of solids

Agrochemical industry

  • Moistening and dispersing of pesticide granules in water
  • Production of liquid fertilisers
  • Size reduction of pesticide additives in an aqueous suspension
  • Deagglomeration of fungicides
  • Production of pesticides


  • Decomposition of grass into its components for the production of cellulose fibres and the extraction of proteins
  • Processing of marine algae
  • Starch extraction from wheat grain and bran
  • Size reduction

Paints and coatings

  • Size reduction and dispersing of titanium dioxide pigments
  • Dispersion of carbon black in water
  • Size reduction of dye with synthetic resin particles in water
  • Deagglomeration of blue pigments in water and glycol
  • Processing of soluble dyes
  • Homogenisation of coatings

Animal feed

  • Production of sauces from carcasses
  • Processing of meat emulsions
  • Emulsification of meat mixtures and cereals in water
  • Size reduction, mixing, homogenisation and coagulation of meat emulsions for wet and dry feed


  • Production of dressings, sauces and pastes
  • Processing of jam starch
  • Production of soybean milk
  • Size reduction of soybeans in water
  • Production of spice blends
  • Production of fruit juices
  • Production of chocolate pre-products


  • Deflaking of pulp
  • Preparation of coating compounds
  • Dispersion of titanium dioxide with sodium chloride and resin in water
  • Deflaking of bleached cotton linters
  • Defibration of various raw materials such as aramid


  • Recycling of film-laminated plastics
  • Recycling of various sludges
  • Size reduction of bitumen-laminated carpet waste
  • Size reduction of pre-crushed big bags in a hot medium
  • Recycling of car tyre rubber in bitumen
  • Size reduction of residues for atomisation

Construction industry

  • Manufacturing of sealing systems
  • Production of special building protection on a soluble basis
  • Production of joint sealing compounds
  • Homogenisation of coatings
  • Emulsification of anionic emulsions