Our Trigonal® machines

Customised settings

The strength of all Trigonal® machines is their versatility: the optimum settings can be configured for almost any application. The flange connections can be adjusted to DIN or ANSI dimensions, drive takes place via coupling or V-belt, and parts touching the product can be manufactured from different materials.

For our customers, this opens up a multitude of possibilities, which our experts combine to create the perfect machine – optimally tailored to the needs of the customers.

Customer-focused design

The customer’s benefit always takes centre stage when it comes to the design and construction of our machines: the cutting tools can easily and quickly be replaced and resharpened. This shortens downtimes and guarantees the high operational availability of our machines in the production process.

Thanks to their robust construction, our reliable service and the availability of spare parts, an operational lifetime that lasts decades is nothing unusual.