We are here for you

We are much more than the manufacturer and seller of the Trigonal® machine. We are a reliable partner who is there to support you with any questions and problems that should occur during the entire product lifecycle of your machine.

Advice and service

We focus on the customer and provide the precise service you need. This includes expert technical support, fast and reliable maintenance and repair of the machine, as well as a guaranteed long-term supply of spare parts.

Needless to say, we will provide detailed advice when a machine goes into operation for the first time. A team of highly trained technicians is available at all times to answer all your questions about our products and their integration into processes in your facilities and into process requirements.

All of this maximises your productivity while minimising operating costs.

A smart investment

Our machines combine strong performance with safety, ease of use, and a long life. The technical features and our high quality standards ensure many years of operation. Very soon, your investment will have paid for itself.

Customised and customer-focused

Trigonal® machines from Siefer are used wherever the utmost product quality and stability of composition are required. With its variety of types – a large number of different rotor-stator systems, four construction sizes, and numerous other equipment options – our product range provides a perfect match for the properties of the product to be processed and all related requirements.

You have tasks in the field of wet size reduction?

We will find the solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs so that you can economically achieve the best quality for your products.