What we stand for

Quality Made in Germany

Our success is the result of a consistent philosophy. In times of outsourcing, lean production and relocation abroad, we rely on the opposite: a high level of vertical integration with broad production expertise at our location right in the middle of Germany.

Here in Velbert in North Rhine-Westphalia, we combine our technical expertise with the highest level of professional craftsmanship. Here on site, we develop customised technical solutions for customers from a wide range of industries, who attach importance to the long-term operational and functional safety of their machines. From here we operate worldwide – always with our social and societal responsibility in our sights.

Focusing on the essentials

Our company has the future firmly in its sights. We focus on our core competencies and create innovative impulses accordingly. By developing and manufacturing our products in-house, we can meet the highest quality standards and breathe life in the commonly used catchword ‘sustainability’.

For our customers, we strive to be a consulting partner who provides long-term, fast and personal support. In special fields outside of our core areas of expertise, we work closely with carefully selected and established partners