Bitumen and bitumen emulsion

Modular design principle: Our range of services for the processing of bitumen has been setting new quality standards worldwide for many decades and covers all our customer’s needs – from the design of a single machine up to the turnkey plant in cooperation with our partner for plant design & construction.

Our specific passion and competence

For SIEFER the processing of bitumen – especially for road construction the manufacturing of roof sheetings and building protection materials as well as for the recycling of bituminous waste have been of particular significance to us for a long time. Impressive evidence: More than 2,800 Trigonal®-Machines for the modification of bitumen as well as for the manufacturing of traditional and modified bitumen emulsions are up and running!

However, our range of services covers far more than the design and construction of an individual machine: Based upon our long time experience and the versatility of the projects realized for our customers in the bitumen-processing industry, we have become a highly renowned partner in the planning and production of new machines as well as in the optimisation of existing process technologies both on a national as well as on an international level.

Polymer modified bitumen (PmB)

Finished product Throughput Machine type
in multiple-pass in a passage
1 t/Std. 5 t/Std. SM 180/HK
5 t/Std. 15 t/Std. SM 290/HK
7 t/Std. 18 t/Std. SM-D2/HK
12 t/Std. 30 t/Std. SM-D3/HK

Configurations as stationary or mobile unit, for circulation or single-pass process

Bitumen emulsions

Throughput Throughput Machine type
traditional modified
6 t/Std. 4 t/Std. SM 180/HK
12 t/Std. 10 t/Std. SM 290/HK
40 t/Std. 30 t/Std. SM-D2/HK

Configurations for batch or inline process, for traditional and modified bitumen emulsions


The core of each plant for the production of polymer modified bitumen (PmB): Our Trigonal®-Machines specifically tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. Thanks to their extremely high shear forces and turbulent flow, their unique rotor-stator-system ensures that the polymers are mechanically mixed into the bitumen and are evenly distributed. At the same time the considerable size reduction of the individual particles guarantee a smooth mixing process.


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