May 2018

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March 2016

Siefer wins the project of 7 units SM-D3/HK

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Proven for more than 50 years

Wilhelm Siefer GmbH & Co. KG with its brand Trigonal® specialises in the development of mixing and size reduction machines for processing low to high viscosity products such as liquid mixtures or solids in liquid suspension.

We are there for you

Trigonal®-Machines make Wilhelm Siefer GmbH & Co. KG one of the worldwide leading companies for dispersing, homogenising, mixing and size reduction technologies looking back on decades of professional experience.
„High Shear XXL“: Our versatile machines are used for those tasks and applications where conventional systems meet their limits.
We are the proven partners of many industrial sectors on both national and international level – no matter whether perfectly matched individual machines or more complex projects – in cooperation with selected partners.
Get to know us and challenge us!

We will find the solution for any kind of task in the wet processing technology sector.

Application areas of our rotor-stator technology:

Kolloidmill , dispersing , emulsifying machine , asphalt mixing plant , homogenizing , fine grinding , corundum stone , laboratory mill , grinding mill , recycling machine , granulator , toothed colloid mill.

fine comminuting • coarse comminuting • homogenising • dispersing • emulsifying • deflaking • mixing • aerating • accelerating reactions • loosening • neutralising • polymerising • transferring of product • boiling under shear stress • solubilising pulp • defibrating • extracting • recycling • applying heat • reducing viscosity • moistening • de-agglomeration …

Customer oriented consulting and individual solutions

Our machines are used wherever highest product quality and recipe stability are essential. With a most versatile design of the rotor-stator system, our Trigonal®-Machines have been proved successful for:
Siefer Trigonal Maschinen Beratung

  • Homogeneous mixing of polyphase liquids
  • Crushing, suspending or dissolving of powders in liquids of all kinds as well as
  • A variety of other dispersion tasks.

Our machines combine high performance with exemplary ease of use, safety and a long life span. The variety of our delivery program – featuring a number of different rotor-stator systems, four design sizes as well as numerous other optional variants – ensures the perfect adaptation to the characteristics of the product to be processed and to all related requirements.





Siefer Trigonal® Machine

Type SM 180 und SM 180/HK
sm180-smallFields of application:
Agricultural chemistry, biotechnology, bitumen, chemistry, paints and coatings,
pet food, cosmetics & pharmaceutics,
food and paper industry
Type SM 290 und SM 290/HK
sm290-smallFields of application:
Agricultural chemistry, biotechnology, bitumen, chemistry, paints and coatings,
pet food, cosmetics & pharmaceutics,
food, paper & recycling industry
Type SM–D2 und SM–D2/HK
sm-d2-smallFields of application:
Biotechnology, bitumen, chemistry, paints and coatings, pet food and recycling industry
Type SM–D3 und SM–D3/HK
sm-d3-smallFields of application:
Biotechnology, bitumen, chemistry, pet food, paper and recycling industry